Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Melbourne

About Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Melbourne

Book a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Melbourne today to see an amazing sky view of this beautiful city. Feel the breeze of early morning that will make you feel refreshed as you have some amazing scenic views of places like Yarra Valley, Bay to the south, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Hinterland, etc. Interact with nature as you go over the water to have an amazing start to your day. Take your loved ones with you on this trip and spend some quality time while enjoying the bird's eye view of places like Albert Park Race Track and Melbourne Skyline.

Highlights Of Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Melbourne

  • Experience the picturesque moment of sunrise in Melbourne from approximately 2,000 feet above from the ground in the magnificent Sunrise hot air balloon ride Melbourne

  • Enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views as you see the Yarra river while on a hot air balloon Yarra Valley ride.

  • Pass through some amazing attractions of the city such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australian Open Tennis Centre etc.

  • Soak up all the beautiful sights of cities to the port of Phillip Bay

Available Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Melbourne Options

Soaring into the high skies and experiencing whole vistas, the sunrise hot air ballooning Melbourne is an enchanting activity that will make you feel relaxed and thrilled at the same time. You can choose out of the various packages available for Hot air Ballooning Melbourne as per your budget and convenience.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Sunrise hot air balloon Melbourne is a fascinating and strategic way to see all the major attractions of Melbourne at a slow pace. The tour starts in the early morning so that you can experience the calmest wind with breathtaking views of valleys and Geelong.

You can customise your trip by booking a special sky-high package along with champagne and gourmet breakfast to enhance the experience. After going through the Sunrise hot air ballooning Melbourne and enjoying the delicious foods, you will also receive the certificate of participating in this activity

Hot Air Balloon Flight With Breakfast

A Sunrise hot air ballooning Melbourne with breakfast is one of the best activities to be done if you visit this amazing city. Apart from the perfect location for the rides, you can also get excellent views of native flora and fauna combined with stable weather and wine. Hot air ballooning Melbourne offers an incredible experience with the mixture of illuminated sunlight, calm nature, and an amazing champagne breakfast.

1-Hour Hot Air Balloon Flight At Sunrise

Watching the sunrise from a considerable height is always a brilliant experience and the same will be the case if you choose to go for the Sunrise Hot air Balloon Melbourne. To experience this mesmerising feeling, one of the best packages is the 1-hour hot air balloon ride in Melbourne.

This trip will allow you to serenely drift over the major city attractions, gardens, and parks. You will witness the swirling sight of all the stunning places, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground and some iconic buildings like the Eureka Tower. You can enjoy this scenic view for 1 hour and then get back for the amazing Champagne Breakfast.

Geelong: Balloon Flight At Sunrise

Geelong balloon flight at sunrise is an exclusive and exotic adventure due to the impressive views of Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Barrabool hills, and Port Phillip Bay. Taking the magical hot-air balloon ride through the surroundings and barrabool hills, the visitors can enjoy all the fantastic landscape around Geelong. Cruising up in the sky, along with eye-wide vistas, take the people in an inexplicable glimpse of the more extraordinary Ocean Road along with the grazing boards and champagne.

What To Expect At Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride In Melbourne

  • Opting for Sunrise hot air ballooning Melbourne gives the lifetime experience of a few-hour circumnavigations in the city from above.

  • You can watch the light cut in the shimmer and CBD skyscraper of the Yarra river.

  • Sunrise hot air balloon ride Melbourne also showcased the expansive views of the Horizon, waterways, bushland, and the refreshment of champagne breakfast.

  • Witnessing the wine region from the birdseye perspective is another ecstatic view you can get from Melbourne's sunrise hot air balloon.

  • The countless vineyards equipped with slowly gliding and renowned pristine land also provide an exhilarating experience.

  • You will get to enjoy the champagne breakfast after you land from the ride.

Sun Hot Air Balloon Melbourne FAQs

What is the best time for a hot air balloon flight in Melbourne?

The sunrise hot air balloon ride in Melbourne is best enjoyed during early morning as the weather condition remains most stable at this time. This time generally provides an excellent chance to soak in the natural and fresh air due to the cool temperature. In addition, the amalgamation of the rising Sun and beautiful views present a spectacular environment for all the visitors.

Is there any age restriction for participating in a hot air balloon flight in Melbourne?

For safety, some age restrictions are imposed for participating in sunrise hot air ballooning in Melbourne. Children under 6 years cannot take the hot air balloon flight. There is no maximum age limit for the ride, but any adult must accompany people under 16 years.

At what height does the hot air balloon reach?

Sunrise hot air balloon Melbourne can be elevated up to 609 metres or 2000 ft above the ground.

What is Melbourne famous for?

One of the liveable cities on the earth, Melbourne is famous for its gratified bayside, excellent laneways, cultural diversity, and adventures like hot air balloon riding.

What can we wear during a sunrise hot air balloon ride in Melbourne?

There is no strict regulation for wearing any safety garments while riding in a sunrise hot air balloon Melbourne. Therefore, you can wear whatever you are comfortable with. Nevertheless, you can choose your attire by assessing the temperature condition.


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